Looking for a Writing Style

I created Kitten Who Eats Ramen (Ryder) about two years ago on Blogger . When I did, I only just wanted to write, but I would do so in an inconsistent manner. What I mean by this is that there would be different formats/styles in many of the posts that I would make. Fast forward … Continue reading Looking for a Writing Style


Summer Nightmare (Visual Novel Review)

Summer Nightmare is a horror visual novel released in 2017. It takes place in a high school where countless students have been going missing- including the son of the principal. Your character is a male high school student who is actually being blamed for the disappearances and even murder- that is until you appear in … Continue reading Summer Nightmare (Visual Novel Review)

Drama/ Live Action Versions of Anime/ Manga

Everyone has seen maybe a handful of live action/drama versions of an anime or manga- usually it’s both though; sometimes the anime doesn’t get that much credit than the manga and drama or vice-versa. There are quite a few dramas/ live action versions of dramas and anime in korean, japanese and chinese. Some of them … Continue reading Drama/ Live Action Versions of Anime/ Manga

Languages That I know and Why I know/ Study them

A while back, I wrote “Tips for Learning a Foreign Language” as a means for making learning a new language a bit easier and a joyous experience for those interested. Recently, I’ve been thinking on talking about the languages that I know/am learning and why I study them. This is to show that you can … Continue reading Languages That I know and Why I know/ Study them